A unique concept

UFO is one of the unique play­ers in the film exhibition business, where it has three buckets of rev­enue. The first bucket of revenue is from exhibitors, where it gives digital equipment on lease to help exhibi­tors show movies in the digital for­mat to cine-goers. It has tied up for 4,911 digital cinema screens, withUFO […]

A bleak outlook

Farmers and monsoon are back in the news in India. And, the prognosis is not cheerful. First, a farmer from Rajasthan attend­ing an AAP rally in Delhi commits suicide because, he says, his crops had failed and the resulting finan­cial distress was too much to bear. This becomes a political issue, lead­ing to a demand […]

Go bottom fishing!

  Change is the only constant in the stock markets. The new breed of investors who thought the market always moved in a uni-directional manner were made to realise their folly. After touching a high of 30000 in March, riding on the hope rally of the new govern­ment, now completing one year in power, the […]