Android updates will now roll out as fast as iOS

One of the main problems with the Google Android platform is the delay in the deployment of the latest updates. Despite the most recently developed developers earlier this year, the basic structure of Android requires manufacturers to work with the Android team to make the source code compatible with their own devices. With that, a custom launcher or a skin like Retouch or Samsung MIUI requires more time than the manufacturers to develop them and put them into practice with the latest Android software. However, all these delays in obtaining the latest version of the phone software is about to be reduced in the next few days with Google acute.

A blog post on Android Developers for detailed treble project, a utility that Google wants to implement in the Android ecosystem to implement the latest updates to the end user, regardless of the creation of the unit. Treble project makes it easier for Google to deploy Android updates on a Samsung phone in the TouchWiz UI and an EMUI Huawei phone in the days to broadcast on their phones pixels. “With the Treble Project, we’re redefining Android to make it easier, faster and less expensive for manufacturers to upgrade devices for a new version of Android,” said Iliyan Malchev, chief project team acute.

Under the new software code guidelines, OEMs can provide the next Android update to their users by simply updating the Android OS framework, without having to work with new driver compatibility chipset manufacturers and other complex coding frameworks . Initially, manufacturers have had to rework the Open Source Android Standard (AOSP) project ROM (standard Google Android software) standard after chipset manufacturers, such as Qualcomm and Mediatek, changed the source code according to the compatibility of Existing hardware. In some countries such as the United States, equipment manufacturers have also had to take into account code changes for the regulation of carriers in the Android software, ie specific changes to the AT & T or Verizon Android smartphones. The additional change in the deployment of the latest Android comes to the user in the preparation of the next Google Android update.

However, you should always keep in mind that deploying the Android update will not be as fast as iOS devices on custom Android devices. The main reason is the development and implementation of a new custom OEM user interface for each new version of Android. For example, if the treble project was available before the launch of Android nougat, the Samsung Galaxy S7 still take months to get it because of a new version of the TouchWiz user interface specific to the nougat version. Xiaomi, on the other hand, managed to publish its existing Nougat MIUI 8 update on the main MI, even after three months. Therefore, it seems that the project makers of Sharp benefits such as Xiaomi who prefer to immediately deploy the latest Android, followed by a change in the user interface after the middle-aged last lifecycle of Android.

A major problem with Treble Project is its availability in the existing Android ecosystem. Google clearly states that this new feature will take place on devices “launched” with Android O and beyond. This could mean that the Treble Project benefits will only be available for devices preloaded with Android O or any device that have the update for Android O next year. The possibility of the latter could be true, since Google says that the update to Android developers on the phones Pixel O is already compatible with Treble Project. It remains to be seen whether custom Android makers will deploy it on their current range of smartphones to get the update for Android O.

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