India is not a nation full of rage, debate and discussion constitute the normal discourse

Many people believe that grief is a solution. Rabies is not really a solution. Rabies is just the tool for an uninvolved person to act. When one has no sense of participation, anger can drive action.

When many aspects of life, which have been neglected for a long time, ultimately fail, we feel helpless and rage. Every time we face an injustice in society, we are told to be indignant, because most people are so lethargic and insensitive that they can not act unless you attack.

It takes a lot of energy to be angry. While pushing, she was angry with everything. Unlike today, when young people are interested in career and finance, the revolution was the main thing for me at that time.

As a child, I also read Che Guevara, a revolutionary phenomenon and phenomenon in the 50s and 60s. Today, a lot of people do not know who they are, but many young people still wear their image on shirts – do not think they are all revolutionaries! When I asked a young man with the image of Che on his shirt, he thought it was Bob Marley.

Che went on to say, “If you’re angry, you’re one of us.” I say, “If you are feigned, you are one with everything.” When you are angry with someone or something, it goes against. It’s just a matter of time and resources before you want to destroy it.

If you act out of anger, out of injustice, you will cause another injustice. Maybe you can do something with this rage. Seeing your anger, all of a sudden, the government can act out of fear that you are burning something on the street. But anger simply means that you burn. Burning a bus or anything else is just an expression of that.

From the medical point of view, one can prove, by looking at blood parameters and other parameters, that in just five minutes of anger, they are actually chemically aggravating. And as long as negative emotions are part of your system, you will be convinced in some way with a reason or a philosophy, to evacuate it to the world.

This is what is happening right now: people are doing the most horrible things with a clean conscience, because they truly believe they are fulfilling the divine will. There is some intense force and passion that occurs when you are angry.

But with the same intensity, if you can sit here with a calm mind, you can do miraculous things. Look at it this way: Is human intelligence the solution, or is it simply a blind passion in the solution?

The difference is just that. To be angry, you do not have to be aware. To see how to stay out of rabies, you need to be aware. Once you are aware, you are inclusive. Once you are inclusive, you are a solution.

That is why the focus should be: “I am willing to change.” It is a huge revolution, a silent revolution. Without shouting slogans, without massacring people, without throwing stones at each other – very quietly, the world will change.

This is the only way that welfare will enter into society, because in reality there is no “society.” There are only individual human beings. If you know how to be in yourself, this well-being will be transformed into society.

If you are sick, how are you going to make a good company? It will only spread your illness, nothing will happen. Instead of addressing the individual human being, trying to change society will simply bring more empty rules and morals.

The world is already full of the highest morality, but the world has not become clean – because of morality, the world has become dirty. Now, those who talk about being consumed by rabies obviously have never traveled outside the country.

This is one of the only places on the planet where people can do and say what they want. In some places, if you open your mouth in protest, you may end up with a ball! We are 1.25 million people. Yes, we have our share of the stupidities, that every nation has. We have our part by making irresponsible statements.

But why do we make as if these statements were the discourse of the nation? With the exception of some marginal elements, we have remained a peaceful country because the general ethic is peaceful.

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