John Kelly, Asserting Authority, Fires Anthony ScaramucciJohn Kelly, Asserting Authority, Fires Anthony Scaramucci

John Kelly, Asserting Authority, Fires Anthony Scaramucci

John Kelly, Asserting Authority, Fires Anthony Scaramucci

WASHINGTON – President Trump’s new chief of staff John F. Kelly firmly asserted his authority on his first day at the White House on Monday, stating he would impose military discipline on the West Wing free for all, and stressed his Intention to launch Anthony Scaramucci, director of bombastic communications, 10 days after his contract.

M. Scaramucci was expelled from his post with the approval of the president and his family, a few days after the tyrant verbal premature discharge against other members of the President’s staff, including predecessor Reince Priebus sworn Mr. Kelly and Stephen K. Bannon, the strategist Chief of the White House, in a conversation with a reporter for the New Yorker.

M. Trump has hired M. Scaramucci as a difficult alter ego who would fiercely fight him as others did not. But “Mooch” as he is known, has gone too fast even in the eyes of a president looking forward to push the limits of political and social decorum.

As M. Kelly, a former four-star marine general, began his first day of work, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary announced that Mr. Scaramucci was out.

“The president certainly felt Anthony’s comments were inappropriate for a person in this position,” Sanders said. “He did not force the general Kelly, too, with this line of succession.”

In a Twitter message a few hours before the announcement, M. Trump has insisted that “there is no chaos WH!” However, even if it was to reassure followers that all was well, several management assistants stressed that the impetuous president and the disciplined navy were already in the process of collision that could ultimately condemn the unlikely association.

M. Kelly, the first former general for the caretaker position since Alexander Haig played that role for President Richard Nixon during Watergate, is responsible for warming up the chaos that has been defined distracted and often destroys the Trump White House.

But the president gave Mr. Priebus more of the same assurances of control and then proceeded to mitigate and ignore him – to the point that Mr. Priebus often positioned himself at the door of the oval office to find out who in the President spoke .

In his short time in the White House, M. Scaramucci seemed to embody his chaos. A wealthy New York financier who stormed the political scene with a memorable performance in the White House press room where he portrayed himself as a new and important player and had assured him that he would report directly to the president without interference intermediaries. Mr. Priebus or Sean Spicer, former president’s press secretary.

It soon became apparent that M. Scaramucci is not a governing body, but a transitional figure who has created an opportunity for M. Trump, with his daughter Ivanka and son Jared Kushner, to carry out a major earthquake – for Purge the staff of the White House security guards and helpers considered sufficiently loyal to their cause.

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