Mumbai Speak Up: As the city falls apart, corporators get a pay hike

Mumbai Speak Up: As the city falls apart, corporators get a pay hike

Mumbai Speak Up: As the city falls apart, corporators get a pay hike

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) was burned for its inability to tackle the road issue, all in the city; And the inability to ensure that dangerous trees fall into incidents in the monsoon does not continue to pose a threat to pedestrians and motorists.

The link between local politicians and corrupt officials, which allowed illegal constructions and structural alterations in buildings not to be controlled, was also under the scanner after the collapse of a four-storey building in Sai siddhi Cooperative Housing Society In Ghatkopar that claimed 17 lives, and left without survivors of homeless kidnapping.

There are fifteen days, the state government has approved an increase in monthly corporate fees in municipal enterprises throughout the state. BMC service companies have received a 150 percent increase in their monthly fee, which is now increased from 10,000 rupees to 25,000 rupees.

DNA spoke to a cross-section of Mumbaikars if a salary increase is warranted, whether it will guarantee a better and more qualified people took the tone to represent them in the local body, or if the walk was totally undeserved given the current situation in the city.

Entrepreneurs are not prevented from continuing their activities or professions. They do not really need or pay raises. They accumulate huge assets anyway. But if you still want a ride, you must be linked to performance and performance should not be punished.

For example, Rs 100 for a bump in your room should be deducted from your monthly salaries. In addition, the misuse of corporate funds generating losses for public savings must be recoverable from their wages.

“I am against any wage increase granted to our companies, because I believe it is not justified. Ordinary people do not receive anything, and they continue to increase their wages. What do they have to do? Do for the area, receive a package for him.

Where are you in any way putting something in your pocket? They do not even meet or hear many people over their phone bills. We put people to call more people and a lot of time to do everything. At that time, I do not think there is anyone who is a full-time politician.

They have two or three sources of income and are simply a corporateur. They should do a survey and see how many investment firms are in full-time service companies and have no other income. As “corporateurs” continue to take people’s money anyway.

It is good for financial companies, if their salary increased. They must raise their wages so they can work harder for their neighborhood. But do not forget your task.

It is the local manufacturer to be aware of any building in your constituency. So, yes, they should examine these cases. The sinking incident of the Ghatkopar building should be a learning point for all city corporateurs.

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