Rampal acquitted: Disappointed with shoddy police probe, says Hisar court

A Hisar court, which acquitted presumptive Godman Rampal in two cases for lack of evidence Tuesday expressed disappointment with poor police investigation.

Judge Magistrate Mukesh Kumar’s ruling in his ruling said: “The case is an example of the worst investigation.

The prosecution, despite the fact that any legal weapon did not follow the proper procedure prescribed in the Code of Criminal Procedure and the Law of Evidence “of India.

The court said that even when Deputy Attorney General during the hearing, said the incident in which it was emptied, the investigating agent did not record the video.

It is recommended that investigating officers be well trained, since any acquittal should be viewed as the failure of the court to deliver, according to the ruling.

The court noted that the investigation / prosecution of those responsible for this acquittal must be identified and the liability must be resolved by the errors committed during the investigation.

“The investigating agent is that this case has failed the service to fulfill its duty.The claim has helped to deny the cause of justice.” The copy of the sentence should be sent to Hisar police commissioner (SP) for the necessary measures, “the ruling said.

Rampal and hundreds of his followers were acquitted in two cases that were registered against them in sections 323 (injuries they cause voluntarily), 353 (assault or force to deter criminals civil servant in the performance of their duty) 186 obstruction of the official in the performance of public functions), 426 (punishment for damages); and sections 146 (unrest), 149 (unlawful assembly), 188 (disobedience to duly issued by an official order) and 342 (unlawful confinement).

In 2014, police were sentenced to arrest Rampal, after failing to appear in the Punjab and Haryana courts on several occasions. When police arrived at their Ashlok ashram in Barwala, supporters of Rampal locked themselves in the premises and clashed with them.

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