The Latest: Storm outages mostly in 2 Florida counties

The Latest: Storm outages mostly in 2 Florida counties

The Latest: Storm outages mostly in 2 Florida counties

The Florida Division of Emergency Management says 7800 homes and businesses ran out of power due to a tropical system and are found mainly in Manatee and Hillsborough counties.

The number of bugs was nearly 18,000 in the afternoon after tropical storm Emily began crossing Florida. Emily degraded herself to tropical depression as she headed for the Atlantic coast.

Manatee County has 3,926 breaks while Hillsborough is 1,362.
A runner makes his way to Fort Myers Beach, Florida, Monday, July 31, 2017. Tropical Storm Emily began the eastward walk of the Florida peninsula Monday, scattering the rain to quench amid expectations that would begin Weakening in the next few hours in its approach to the Atlantic coast. (Andrew West / The News-Press via AP) (/ AP)
5 pm.

Emily is no longer a tropical storm. The National Hurricane Center says Emily lasted only hours after the tropical storm formed Gulf of Mexico Monday off Florida.

Around 5 am EDT Monday night Emily was renamed in a tropical depression, although analysts say heavy rainfall is still possible in southeastern Florida because the ill-defined system goes to the Atlantic coast in the coming hours.

The center of Miami says rain is possible 1 to 2 inches (25-50 mm) in the region, with a total of up to 8 inches (200 mm) possible in some isolated areas.

The storm system focused Monday afternoon about 30 miles (45 km) northwest of Sebring in south-central Florida and headed east-northeast at 12 km / h (19 km / h).

According to the Center, the storm’s strongest winds dropped to about 35 km / h (55 km / h) and may continue to weaken as Emily moves on the Central Florida peninsula overnight.

Forecasters said Emily is expected to enter the Atlantic on Tuesday with some strengthening in the forecast once the storm system is back in the open sea.

A tropical storm warning off the Gulf of Florida coast has been disrupted.
US Coast Guard rescued two fishermen from Tampa Bay as tropical storm Emily hit the Florida Gulf Coast.

A Coast Guard statement said Tung Le, 47, and Thanh Le, 41, called 911 on Monday morning, saying they were adhering to a range of light at bay after their 17-year-old ship. Feet (5 meters) sank. The call was transferred to the Coast Guard, which launched a response boat.

The brothers told their rescuers that their engine was dead. The boat began to drink water and its bomb was not working. Finally they drifted in the range of light and jumped on it. No injuries were reported.
The second teacher school of the class Alejandro Diaz said in a statement that the cyclone season makes it more important than ever for mariners to check the weather forecast before leaving. He said he must also know the limits of his ship.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott said about 18,000 homes and businesses ran out of electricity because of tropical storm Emily.

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